A Message From The Founders

This website could help to end the silence and alleviate some of the painful memories we carry around after a relationship goes bad.

It is a forum to warn others of  “users” and “losers” we have previously dated, marry or cohabitated with in the past.

If any individual could pull back from a potential hurtful relationship because they were enlightened by this website we could say “proudly” we did our job well.

Have you ever been played by a serious player? If yes, most time the pain is unforgettable. When you recall the mental and sometimes physical anguish you experienced with this individual. Do you wish you could have done something to shut down the player and his/her future games?

Well, let’s “play” the “player” and beat them at their own game.


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We will never share your direct personal information!

To all our readers and subscribers, we would like to officially welcome you to “Players Get Played.” This site was created to “Shut down” all of the so called players who prey on the kindness and weakness of those who once loved and cared for them. Friends, do not be embarrassed or shy about your relationships, this will help you take back control from the person who did you wrong. I experienced these very same games, however, I could not find anyone or anything on the internet that could provide me with the background of this individual, eventually, I had to pay large sums of money to locate and unravel the lies that were told in my bogus relationship. It still hurts me today to know that I had given up so much for this person. I thought I was making a difference in this persons life but all this person wanted was to leave me broke and broken hearted.


My team has come up with an in depth questionnaire for you to describe the person who played you. In today’s fast paced society, it’s all about internet dating and social media influences, therefore, this website was designed to perform a dual role of logging information in and investigating the player(s). You can search for people according to specific search criteria and to also provide you with a forum where you can input your relationship history so others can be warned.

Seriously, please make this your first stop in retrieving information on prospective dates and not your last stop. PLAYERSGETPLAYED QUESTIONNAIRE

Do not be a victim any longer; help us to end the “Players game”.


Take The Players Gets Played Questionnaire HERE! Players Get Played Questionnaire

Please like, comment, and share let us know what you think. We can also help you find out information about your player just send an email to: info@playersgetplayed.com

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